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I sustain myself with the love of family

Maya Angelou

Why Women’s Financial Planning

By working predominantly with women, Burning River Advisory Group has taken a unique approach to financial planning. The reasons for this particular path are personal. As the father of five daughters, Ed is determined to raise his girls to be strong, independent, and empowered women. In today’s world, more than ever before, this requires them to be financially strong, as well. Ed witnessed firsthand the struggles that his mother had gone through by not being educated in financial matters. She was dependent on others and lacked control of her financial well-being. While an internally strong willed person, her lack of financial independence caused her to remain in untenable situations longer than desired.

Melana, to the contrary, is the poster-child for the strong, independent, and financially secure young woman that Ed dreams his girls will be. Melana understands the importance of being a financially informed woman in today’s society and the importance of empowering yourself for the future.

For these deeply personal reasons Burning River Advisory Group is focused on helping women control their own destinies. By helping women live life on their own terms we are ensuring they are free to make decisions that are best for themselves and those closest to them.

Book an Onsite Women’s Financial Workshop

We are available to speak to your peer group at your location. Share the power of BRAG with your colleagues to promote financial control and stability for women.

Burning River Advisory Group is committed to being the pre-eminent financial services firm for women leaders and their families.

Contact us and see for yourselves the difference that comes from working with a firm that truly understands the needs of women.

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