{ Divorce }

It’s not where you intended to be but here you are. Everything is different now especially financially.

Divorce is one of the most tumultuous of life’s events. New opportunities await, but there are significant challenges with your financial life at the top of the list.

Navigating these turbulent waters takes specialized skills and a steady hand.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You aren’t 100% confident you know what you’re doing financially – pre and post-divorce
  • You want someone you can lean on as you make life-changing financial decisions
  • You’re overwhelmed by the number of choices for how to move forward
  • You want to avoid financial mistakes that could last a lifetime
  • You want to be assured of what your financial picture looks like after divorce

These ideas are based on a financial philosophy derived from the way women think about money.


It’s grounded in the belief that how we use our money is a reflection of what we value and who we are.


(Which is why you’ll never hear any “how to crush the market” bravado or unintelligible financial jargon from us.)

Are we the right partners for you?


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Upon completion, we’ll share a few ideas to consider as you determine your most appropriate “next steps.” 

We trust you’ll find it refreshingly different.

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